Mayari. she/her. 30. Runs on coffee and tea! I enjoy running events and creating graphics. Sometimes I dabble in art, but mostly, I just want to celebrate the things I love. ♡ Let's work together!



2024Tender MemoriesFinal Fantasy VIICo-Organizer, Graphics, Formatting, Social MediaInterest Check
2024Every DayBleachOrganizer, Graphics, Social Media, Formatting, ShippingApplications
2023 - 2024Tides & TearsGenshin ImpactGraphics and FormattingCreation
2023 - 2024Death is Only The BeginningThe MummyGraphics and FormattingCreation
2023 - 2024Lucida SideraFinal FantasyCo-Organizer, Graphics, Social Media, FormattingPreorders
2023 - 2024ArborificationHell's ParadiseGraphics and FormattingProduction
2022 - 2023Azure DropsGenshin ImpactGraphics and BrandingShipping


2022 - 2023Soaring HeartFinal Fantasy VIICo-Organizer, Graphics, Formatting
2022 - 2023Forged in FlameATLALead Organizer, Graphics, Formatting, Shipping & Social Media
2022 - 2023Style BombYuYu HakushoLead Organizer, Graphics, Formatting & Social Media
2022 - 2023EntangledBleachLead Organizer, Graphics, Formatting, Shipping & Social Media
2022 - 2023McPaimons*Genshin ImpactGraphic and Brand Design
2021 - 2022ApricityGenshin ImpactLead Organizer, Graphics, Formatting & Social Media
2021 - 2022Eternal*Genshin ImpactGraphic and Brand Design
2021 - 2022Letters from the SkyFinal Fantasy VIICo-Organizer, Graphics & Formatting
2020 - 2022Another LifeBleachGraphics & Formatting
2020 - 2021Quirks & QuidditchBNHA/Harry PotterGraphics, Formatting & Page Artist
2020 - 2021MetamorphosBNHAGraphics, Formatting & Merch Artist
2020 - 202150 Shades of Blue*DC ComicsEmergency Layout & Formatter
2020 - 2021Because I Have YouFinal Fantasy VIILead Organizer, Graphics, Social Media, Shipping & Finance
2019 - 2020Happy HourBNHAGraphics, Formatting, Shipping & Finance
2019 - 2020CelestialsDC ComicsLead Organizer, Finance & Shipping
2019 - 2020Premium HeartFinal Fantasy VIILead Organizer, Graphics, Formatting, Shipping & Finance

*Indicates that I merely assisted in a certain aspect of the project, that my role is complete, and I am not/no longer involved in any of the zine's operations.


YearEvent NameRole
2024Tifa Week 2024Graphic Designer
2023CloTi Week 2023 (CloTi Fall Festival)Graphic Designer
2023Strawberry Tales: IchiRuki CollabGraphic Designer, Co-Organizer
2022CloTi Week 2022 (CloTi Fall Festival)Graphic Designer
2022Cloud Week 2022Graphic Designer
2022Tifa Week 2022Graphic Designer
2022Beneath Strange Stars: A CloTi Big BangGraphics & Page Artist
2021CloTi Week 2021 (CloTi Fall Festival)Co-Organizer & Graphics
2021Cloud Week 2021Graphic Designer
2021Endless Summer 2021: CloTi Zerith WeekOrganizer, Graphics, Social Media
2021Tifa Week 2021Graphic Designer
2020Endless Summer 2020: CloTi Zerith WeekLead Organizer, Graphics, Social Media
2020CloTi Week 2020 (CloTi Fall Festival)Lead Organizer, Graphics, Social Media
2019Endless Summer 2019: CloTi Zerth WeekLead Organizer, Graphics, Social Media
2019CloTi Week 2019 (CloTi Fall Festival)Lead Organizer, Graphics, Social Media


If you'd like to work on a project together, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! I keep discord as my main point of contact for stuff like this. ma.yari is my discord id. Don't be a stranger 💖